Alleson Tate


Avere Tax Planning was formed to help you maximize your wealth. Tax planning should be a critical part of managing your personal finances. However, it is usually not given the time and attention it deserves. We get that! We want to help by becoming your tax planning advisor. Also, tax laws are ever changing and complex which leads many individuals to proceed with trepidation. Because this is an area in which we excel, Avere Tax Planning can help you thoughtfully navigate the income tax landscape.

Alleson Tate, the Founder and Principal of Avere Tax Planning, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional and specializes in the areas of personal finance, tax planning, and tax preparation. As a registered tax preparer, she possesses over 11 years of industry experience helping high-net worth individuals maximize personal and business wealth through judicious tax planning strategies.

Avere Tax Planning is based in Atlanta, GA. Due to our ability to leverage technology, we are able to work with clients virtually across the United States. If you are in the Atlanta metro area, we are happy to work with you in-person, by appointment.

Our Values

As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional, Alleson serves in a fiduciary capacity and adheres to a code of ethics that expressly states that we will act in your best interest. When you engage with Avere Tax Planning, you can be certain that we will consistently demonstrate a set of values that form the core of our collaboration.


We will demonstrate a high level of personal and professional integrity.


We are your trusted adviser and confidant in all matters financial and personal. 


We are dedicated to your financial growth and long-term stability.


We are dedicated to your financial growth and long-term stability.


We will respect your concerns and priorities in our communications, interactions and advice.


Why Avere

  • We prepare actual income tax projections to give you a preview of your tax liability. Most CPA and other financial advisory firms provide general guidance with no quantifiable results.
  • Every financial decision you make has a direct impact on your tax liability. Don’t you want to know how you are benefiting from the advice you are receiving?
  • After we have completed the tax planning for the year, we can take it a step further and prepare your personal income tax return. We have a specialty focus on Self-Employment Income (Schedule C), Rental Income (Schedule E), Farm Income (Schedule F), Household Employment (Schedule H), and non-resident income sourcing.
  • Should you need assistance with more complex individual tax returns that may be out of our scope or business income tax returns (S-Corps and Partnerships) Avere has formed strategic business alliances with Atlanta based third-party CPA firms to prepare these returns. These firms also provide bookkeeping services. Avere provides a comprehensive tax planning solution and serves as your referral partner.
  • We are black-owned and LGBTQI+ founded. Our firm has a deep understanding of these historically under-served communities, which causes us to lead with sensitivity and to seek understanding in all conversations.
  • We have a strong desire and commitment to give back to the community and support the environment.

Social Impact

Giving back is our social responsibility. As such, at least 3% of net business profit annually will be donated to charitable organizations that work tirelessly to improve the lives of others and to preserve our planet.

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