Tax Projection: One-Time Analysis and Strategy Session

$900. Includes one (1) strategic planning session for the current or a future tax year. Best option for those who want more financial strategic planning than their CPA can offer; have more predictable ordinary or supplemental income; experienced a high-income year and need one-time tax planning or needs situational planning.

Tax Projection: On-Going Analysis and Strategic Planning

$3,000. Includes four (4) strategic sessions per year to analyze your income, identify estimated payments, discuss ways to reduce your taxable income, and conduct critical year-end tax planning. Best option for those who receive varying levels of income throughout the year, or need on-going, multi-year tax planning.

Tax Projection: Equity Compensation and Stock Option Optimization

$750. Includes one (1) strategic planning session and one (1) follow-up session after execution. Best option for those who want to develop a framework for company stock and stock options. Assesses the risk of holding a concentrated, single-stock position. Helps you determine when to exercise/sell stock options or restricted stock.

Individual Tax Return Preparation:

$350 to start. The final cost of the return depends on complexity. We specialize in Non-Resident income sourcing, Self-Employment income (Schedule C), Rental properties (Schedule E), Farm Income (Schedule F), and Household Employees (Schedule H).

Tax Planning

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Who We Serve

This service helps persons in the top tax bracket skillfully navigate the complex world of income taxes. If any of the following situations apply to you, Avere Tax Planning may be a good fit:

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• You are in corporate America and have extraordinary or supplemental income from a bonus, restricted stock vesting, or a stock option exercise. If the total supplemental income earned for the year is less than $1 million, your employer is only required to withhold 22% for Federal tax purposes. This rate of withholding does not match your income tax bracket. Therefore, you may need to make quarterly estimated tax payments to avoid an underpayment penalty. We will identify the need for estimated payments and provide you with instructions to make the payment.

• You have equity compensation including stock options and want to know when and how to exercise them. Do you know there is an optimal time to exercise stock options? Don’t leave any money on the table.

• You are an entrepreneur who has built a business that scaled quickly. Your income has grown to a level that pushed you into the top tax bracket. You need help to determine if you should make a SEP IRA contribution, establish a defined benefit or contribution plan, or leverage another income tax reducing strategy.

• You have taxable investment income from interest, dividends, and mutual fund capital gain distributions that continue to grow each year. You would like to know how to make your investment portfolio more tax efficient.

• You want to find ways to reduce your tax liability by determining if you should accelerate or delay income and/or itemized deductions in the current year.

• You have amassed large, embedded capital gains in your investment portfolio from company stock or your individual stock portfolio, and cryptocurrency. You want to develop a strategic and tactful way to take them off the table and diversify your portfolio.

• You are a current or aspiring philanthropist and would like to create a giving strategy that meets your philanthropic goals, but also mitigates your income tax liability.

• You have a large estate and are contemplating different ways to maximize wealth transfer to your heirs.

• You travel to multiple states to conduct business or receive income that will be sourced to non-resident state(s). You need to calculate the amount of income being sourced to each state and make estimated tax payments.